Saturday, April 26, 2014

Black and White Chunky Bracelet

This 10 strand bracelet will be the focal of your outfit. It makes a huge statement! The neutral colors also makes it very elegant. 

Materials: 10 kinds of beads- I used glass pearls, bicones, and other glass or metal beads, bow charms or other charms, 10 strand clasp, crimp beads, bent nose pliers, and beading wire,
Attach a piece of wire to the clasp with a crimp bead. 
Thread some beads. If you want to add a charm, finish it off like you would a clasp, then on the other side of the charm, add more wire and continue stringing beads. Attach the end to the other part of the clasp. 
Repeat 9 more times. 
I used 4 bow charms, and placed them randomly on strands. 
This bracelet is sure to bring compliments. The simple colors will make it go with any outfit. 

Xoxo, Alyssa 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Periwinkle Lace Infinity Scarf

Happy Easter!
This long, narrow, periwinkle scarf is beautiful for a spring day. The soft color paired with the lacy pattern will give a pop of color to your outfit. 
I used one skein of Patons Lace Sequin in Pale Blue with size 7 needles. 
Co 30, long tail
Row 1 and all ws rows: p 
Row 2: *k2, yo, k1, k2tog, k2tog, k1, yo, k2* repeat across
Row 4: *k3, yo, k2tog, k2tog, yo, k3* repeat across
Row 6: *k2tog, k1, yo, k4, yo, k1, k2tog* repeat across
Row 8: *k2tog, yo, k6, yo, k2tog* repeat across
Repeat rows 1-8, ending on a row 1. Bo loosely in knit. 
Seam the ends together. Weave in ends. 
Here is the simple lace pattern. The sequins really add a great sparkle. My finished scarf is about 7"x 95". 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pastel Crystal Earrings

These simple crystal earrings are perfect for Easter dinner or any spring day. The pretty pastels make the earrings easy to wear with many different colors and outfits. 
Materials: 28 4mm bicones, headpins, eye pins, ear wires, round nose pliers, bent nose pliers, and wire cutters 
Lay out your design of the crystals before you begin. 
Thread the bottom crystal onto a head pin and form a loop. With the next crystal, attach it to an eyepin, and attach it to the original bead on the headpin. 
Continue until you have your first strand completed. Attach the top eyepin to the ear wire. 
Continue until you have the three strands completed.
Repeat to make the second earring. 
All finished! Super easy, and great to whip up a pair for this time of year. 
Daffodils are definitely my favorite. And look at the pink hyacinth about to bloom!
Xoxo, Alyssa 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Simple Grey Cowl

This simple grey infinity scarf will keep you warm, while adding a nice touch to your ensemble. Grey goes with almost everything, so this is scarf is a wardrobe staple. 

The scarf has simple stripes of stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch.
This scarf is worked flat then seamed together. I used Vanna's Choice in Silver Grey with size 10 1/2 needles for drape. 
Co 35
Row 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12: knit
Row 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11: purl
Bo loosely, seam together. Weave in ends, and you're done!
My finished cowl is about 9"x 66"
Xoxo, Alyssa